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How is an eco-friendly dental office different?

Envirodental is one of few dental offices in the Los Angeles Area who shift to being enviornmentally aware of impact of waste from a dental office. There are countless ways in which we strive to limit our consumption of resources while delivering the highest quality of care. You’ll find just some of the steps we’ve taken to minimize our impact on the earth!

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  • Waterless vacuum system (saves over 300 gallons/day!)
  • Paperless charting and where ever possible
  • Strict waste-management and recycling protocol
  • LED lighting
  • ENERGY STAR® appliances
  • Glass cups instead of disposables
  • Low water consumption business
  • Email and text-based patient communication
  • If needed we use FSC® Certified paper products
  • Low-flow toilet and plumbing fixtures
  • High-velocity hand dryers
  • Cotton post-treatment hot towels
  • Cloth sterilization puches
  • Sterilizable (non-disposable) barriers when possible
  • Dental applicators made from recyled containers
  • Proximity to several metro and bus stations/stops
  • Low-VOC paints and building materials
  • Magazine-free reception area

Looking for Excellent, Eco-Friendly Dental Care?

Dr. Caligiuri cares for patients in a manner that minimizes the impact on the earth, while maintaining an environment that is clean, relaxing, and friendly. Contact us today!

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